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A Reputation For Excellence

Serving the Fortune 500, government, and non-profit spaces, Optismo has built a reputation for excellence in helping organizations dramatically improve their information management. Unlike legacy "big box" consulting companies, we don't hire directly out of college. We are a group of forward-thinking seasoned professionals who are among the few to comprehensively understand the shifting dynamics of organizational information today. We aren't your typical consultancy, and we don't provide your typical results.

Leadership Team

Nick Inglis

CEO & Founding Partner

Jim Merrifield

CMO & Founding Partner

Rich Mesquita

CTO & Founding Partner

Why you should choose us

We are creators, innovators, and thought leaders. We are the team behind both The Information Governance Conference and the Information Coalition. We created The Information Governance Model. We built the official ARMA IGP Course. We created the RDRV, Relative Data Repository Value Methodology. We created the EIM3, Enterprise Information Management Maturity Model. We are the new leaders in the information profession - others talk, we do.

Optismo was born in 2013 through a merger brought the executive team of Nick Inglis, Jim Merrifield, and Rich Mesquita together. The team began by creating and launching the ambitious and innovative Information Governance Conference.

Optismo CEO, Nick Inglis is the former Director of Professional Development at AIIM. He is the co-creator of The Information Governance Conference, creator of the Information Governance Model (InfoGovModel.com), and co-creator of the ARMA IGP Official Course. He is a contributor to U.S. News & World Report and Yahoo Finance. When not adding to his certificate and certification collection (CIP, IGP, SharePointM, E2.0m, ECMm, ERMm, IMCP), he is likely spending time with his son, Conor Atom.

Jim Merrifield is Optismo's CMO, he is the co-creator of The Information Governance Conference and co-creator of the ARMA IGP Official Course, as well as Past President of ARMA Connecticut. He is a published author and speaker on many information governance topics including records management, e-discovery, privacy, and cyber-security. His experience as a practitioner, solution provider, and consultant has enabled him to see the industry from all sides of the spectrum. He is an AIIM CIP and ARMA IGP.

Optismo CTO, Rich Mesquita, has over 15 years of experience in both information technology and marketing. Rich is a well respected technologist and business operations specialist. Rich is a regular speaker on the topic of communicating strategy to executives. Mesquita has helped organizations of all sizes build strategic plans and implement compliant software solutions.

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We're a regional leader offering nationally recognized services. Our footprint is in Connecticut and Rhode Island but we serve companies around the world.

Optismo is based in Branford, CT in the United States with easy access to Boston, New York, Providence, Hartford, New Haven, and Stamford. We are a globally focused company and have served clients in more than 10 countries.

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