Optismo - Strategic Information

Optismo Featured Alongside SEC, FOIA Research Center, & Data Transparency Coalition

WASHINGTON, DC - Optismo CEO, Nick Inglis, joined an esteemed panel of experts at a Washington, DC seminar on Records Management sponsored and hosted by Feith. Inglis presented on the topic of ensuring SharePoint as an organization's enterprise information management application and then participated on an esteemed panel including: Sunil Ohri, Of Counsel, Stein Mitchell Cipollone Beato and Missner; Hudson Hollister, Executive Director, Data Transparency Coalition; David Brown, Archivist, US Securities & Exchange Commission; and Lisette Garcia, Executive Director, FOIA Resource Center. (pictures below the fold)

Throwing Technology At Information Governance Efforts

Information Governance stands atop many other disciplines as a "super-discipline" or an "umbrella concept" depending upon who you ask. As such, it fulfills, primarily, a strategic role within organizations. That strategic role is often one that didn't exist previously or existed in "pockets" in an organization (think legal departments and Records Management departments).