White Papers can be costly. When you’re looking for experts to create longer form content, pricing can be upwards of $15000 per paper. Then, once you have the White Paper, you’ve got to figure out a way to get that White Paper into the hands of prospects to build out your list of leads. While the thought of White Paper marketing is appealing, in reality it often ends in wasted money for small vendors.

All of that changes with the Optismo MWP+LeadDrive.

Want to generate leads through White Papers? Let's talk about MWP+LeadDrive.


Get FOUR White Papers for just $5000. Now with LeadDrive Technology. Four White Papers will be authored by an Optismo expert (folks like Jim Merrifield and Nick Inglis) and available to your existing prospects. The White Paper will have your company logo and contact information on it, but the benefits of the Optismo MWP doesn’t stop there.


We also help your marketing of this White Paper by combining your marketing prowess with those of some other small vendors in the information management space that are not competitive to your business. Each White Paper will be available for download on up to 6 companies websites, generating high quality leads for all, we run this all with our LeadDrive technology. It’s like multiplying your lead generation impact by 6.

Since none of the companies in any one MWP grouping are competitive with one another, leads are identified for the benefit of all, much like the lead generation at a sponsored event: LeadDrive.


Optismo continues to pioneer new approaches to generating prospects for vendor organizations. As the founders of The Information Governance Conference ( and The Information Governance Model (, we know the industry and the specific needs of the industry. With the MWP+LeadDrive you're able to take advantage of both our innovative approach to White Papers and leading edge technology to boost your lead generation.

Learn how to get started with the Optismo MWP+LeadDrive by talking to your Optismo Marketing Consultant today.

Boost your lead generation with MWP+LeadDrive.