Optismo, LLC. forms strategic partnership with FileFacets

Optismo to leverage FileFacets technology at the core of its newly announced product, igKit

Providence, RI / Branford, CT / Ontario, CA – Optismo, LLC. has formed a strategic partnership with FileFacets, a division of Perram Corporation. Optismo will be utilizing FileFacets technology within it’s new product, igKit. FileFacets technology provides an array of information governance functionality for igKit including shared drive cleanup technology, ROT (redundant, outdated, trivial) information processing, as well as migration technology.

“We’re very excited with what Optismo brings to the partnership.” says Chris Perram, Founder of FileFacets, “Their industry experience, particularly in the legal sector, adds real value. We are excited by the low-cost option we bring small to medium sized businesses such a law firms while providing excellent ROI to huge firms in highly regulated sectors such as oil and gas, utilities and government.”

FileFacets’ new strategic partnership with Optismo allows for faster expansion in the United States as well as access in new markets where Optismo currently has business interests.

“This is a logical progression for us.”, says Nick Inglis, CEO of Optismo, “We were seeing frustration on the part of many of our consulting clients in spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on content analysis platforms whose price tags were much stronger than their functionality. We knew how FileFacets was positioned, a reasonably priced content analysis platform with rock solid functionality for reorganizing unstructured data, adding metadata and migrating into highly-shareable environments such as ECM. We wanted to be able to offer that to our clients. Our clients are asking for an array of services and FileFacets complements our existing offering. Through igKit, we will be providing the FileFacets technology while adding new services to igKit as the platform. It’s an exciting day and our whole team is thrilled abour our partnership with FileFacets.”

About Optismo

Optismo is a multi-divisional information management services group providing world leading consulting, education, and resources to the information management industry. Founded by Nick Inglis, Jim Merrifield, and Rich Mesquita in 2014, Optismo has quickly become one of the leaders in the space. In addition to providing consulting and education services to clients, Optismo has also focused on the ongoing improvement of the industry, as evidenced by their founding of The Information Governance Conference and their release of the Optismo Information Governance Model Framework (www.infogovmodel.com) under a creative commons open source license.


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