Optismo, LLC. Launches New Information Governance Toolset, igKit

igKit provides content analytics at a fraction of the cost of existing solutions on the market today.

Providence, RI / Branford, CT – Optismo, LLC. launches today a software product toolset designed to drastically lower the cost of content analytics and make information governance success more easily accessible to a broader market. www.igKit.com has officially launched and declares the toolset as “your turnkey information governance solution”.

igKit is a multi-function dashboard which gives clients access to tools to clean up file shares, identify and remove ROT (redundant, outdated, and trivial) information, SharePoint and Office 365 migration, Content Server and Live Link migration, defensible disposition, and more. Also included in the toolset is quick access to Optismo’s consulting and educational resources at discounted rates.Optismo is renowned for their consulting and education services and also widely known as the creators of The Information Governance Conference.

Optismo CEO, Nick Inglis, says of the new product igKit, “We were seeing frustration on the part of many of our consulting clients in spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on content analysis platforms whose price tags were much stronger than their functionality. We knew that the market was ripe for disruption, so we decided to enter the fray. igKit gives access to core content analysis functionality at a mere fraction of the price of competitors.”

With key software development support from the team at FileFacets alongside the Optismo team’s in house development resources, igKit is positioned as a pre-launch leader by many who have already seen the software’s capabilities.

“We have already seen interest in this new software from our select group of early testers”, says Rich Mesquita, CTO of Optismo and the newly appointed SVP of Sales for igKit, “and we’re excited at what igKit brings to the market and how it will help so many more companies than what the existing vendors are able to service. We have been able to reduce the cost of content analytics to a fraction of what others are charging and that’s alongside other tools and resources designed to help companies achieve information governance success. We’re very excited to finally announce our newest achievement, igKit.”

For more information on igKit, visit us online at www.igKit.com.

About Optismo, LLC.

Optismo is a multi-divisional information management services group providing world leading consulting, education, and resources to the information management industry. Founded by Nick Inglis, Jim Merrifield, and Rich Mesquita in 2014, Optismo has quickly become one of the leaders in the space. In addition to providing consulting and education services to clients, Optismo has also focused on the ongoing improvement of the industry, as evidenced by their founding of The Information Governance Conference and their release of the Optismo Information Governance Model Framework (www.infogovmodel.com) under a creative commons open source license.


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SVP, Sales, igKit
CTO, Optismo
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