Process Improvement Consulting

Our team is frequently called upon to help companies improve their processes. Our Sr. V.P. of Consulting Services is an AIIM Business Process Management Master and frequent instructor on Process Improvement. We are the world's leading experts on Process Improvement. Others talk. We do.

We are leaders in Process Improvement Consulting services.

Our Methodology Is Straightforward

Assess | Recommend | Implement | Monitor

Are your core business processes consistently executed?


Content is tied to process and as such, we lead because of our unique approach to improving process. We focus not only on the various processes within an organization but also the value of the content to which the process is tied. It is this unique content focused evaluation and assessment methodology that helps Optismo clients achieve optimal results when improving business processes.

Optismo Process Assessment

Optismo Process Assessment

At Optismo we understand the unique relationship between business processes and information. Our methodology in evaluating and assessing business processes puts as much focus on the value of information as it does the processes that leverage that information. In this, our methodology is unique and our clients are able to outperform in process improvement efforts.


With our unique approach to improving business processes that focuses on the value of the content to which the process is tied, we are able to identify high value processes that can be improved. We then, through our experience and our evaluation methodology, make recommendations on how to improve these core high value processes.


Technology is just one small part of Process Improvement initiatives. Processes don't live in a vacuum, they live among people. This is why our expertise in Change Management sets Optismo apart. When most consultancies talk about implementation they're talking about software, by implementation we mean much more. Culture, Process, and Collaboration deserve equal standing alongside Technology, and without this focus, Process Improvement efforts would be doomed to failure. Whether you need a kickstart or you need to pass the full project to us, our team has the expertise to exceed your expectations.

  • Strategy


    We develop your strategy with your input and your internal team implements the strategy.
  • Coaching


    We help you develop your initial strategy and then help guide the process through an ongoing coaching schedule.
  • Implementing


    We develop the strategy and then execute the strategy on your behalf and with your ongoing input.


Our clients are equipped to monitor their process improvement initiatives on an ongoing basis. Some clients want to take that monitoring to the next level with ongoing business process audits. No matter your monitoring needs, Optismo is here to help you establish your ongoing monitoring or help you monitor on an ongoing basis.

Don't underestimate the value of an optimized business process.