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Our team created the Information Governance Model (, a model that is being utilized in companies worldwide as the basis of their Information Governance programs. For our clients' benefit, we partnered with ARMA International to leverage their Next Level Assessment technology. Our team are the creators of The Information Governance Conference. Others talk. We do.

We are the leader in Information Governance Consulting services.

Our Methodology Is Straightforward

Assess | Recommend | Implement | Monitor

Does your Records Management program need help? We're here for you.

Assessment: Optismo + ARMA

When ARMA International approached us about offering their assessment capabilities to our clients, we already had an assessment methodology in place at Optismo. When we realized that we could expand Optismo's assessment capabilities by augmenting them with ARMA International's Next Level Assessment tool, and offer even more to our clients from an assessment capabilities standpoint, we jumped at the opportunity. Now you can get the combined assessment capabilities of Optismo, the leading Information Governance consulting firm, and ARMA International, the leading authority on Records & Information Governance. Together, we have an assessment methodology and capabilities that are unmatched by any other organization.

Optismo RM Assessment

Optismo RM Assessment

An Optismo Records Management Assessment leverages The Information Governance Model, the global standard for Information Governance that our team created, for a unique capabilities assessment that is exclusive and proprietary to Optismo. We then add to that the capabilities of ARMA International with their Next Level Assessment methodology providing a comprehensive assessment methodology that no one else can offer.

ARMA's Next Level Assessment

ARMA's Next Level Assessment

We've partnered with ARMA International to provide their Next Level Assessment to our clients. We add to this, our own assessment capabilities based off of The Information Governance Model. This unique partnership with ARMA International brings a global scale to our assessment capabilities, which are simply unmatched in the industry. If you've been tasked with a Records Management assessment, who else would you chose but Optismo and ARMA International?


Whether you're establishing or improving your Records Management program, Optismo is there to guide you through the complications so that you can focus on the results. We take a hands-on approach in leveraging our assessment to make recommendations based on your organization's uniquely specific needs. We take great pride in our work in recommending the appropriate solutions, whether they're technology solutions or are focused on culture, process, or collaboration. We take a holistic approach to making recommendations that our clients appreciate and we appreciate their repeat business.


When most consultancies talk about implementation they're talking about software, by implementation we mean much more. Culture, Process, and Collaboration deserve equal standing alongside Technology, and without this focus, Records Management efforts would be doomed to failure. We are here to help you implement at whatever level best meets your organizational capabilities. Whether you need a kickstart or you need to pass the full project to us, our team has the expertise to exceed your expectations.

  • Strategy


    We develop your strategy with your input and your internal team implements the strategy.
  • Coaching


    We help you develop your initial strategy and then help guide the process through an ongoing coaching schedule.
  • Implementing


    We develop the strategy and then execute the strategy on your behalf and with your ongoing input.


Our clients are equipped to monitor their Records Management programs on an ongoing basis. Some clients want to take that monitoring to the next level with ongoing Records Management audits. No matter your monitoring needs, Optismo is here to help you establish your ongoing monitoring or help you monitor on an ongoing basis.

We want to drastically improve your Records Management capabilities.