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Our CEO, Nick Inglis, literally wrote the book on SharePoint Governance (AIIM SharePoint Governance Toolkit) and created the Optismo SharePoint Governance model. Our team created the Information Governance Model (, a model that is being utilized in companies worldwide as the basis of their Information Governance programs. Our team has been featured at Conferences worldwide about how to enact SharePoint Governance. Others talk. We do.

We are the leader in SharePoint Governance Consulting services.

Our SharePoint Governance Methodology Is Well Documented

Foundational Activities | 6 Key Governance Areas | Implement | Monitor

Does your SharePoint need to be better governed? We wrote the book.

How To Enable SharePoint Governance

Optismo CEO, Nick Inglis, recently spoke on the topic of SharePoint Governance as a featured speaker at SP24, the worldwide SharePoint Conference:

Foundational Activities

We begin our SharePoint Governance engagements by performing some key Foundational Activities: Information Gathering & Foundational Information (Assessment), Guide Strategy & Implementation Planning (Strategy & Planning). These foundational activities form the basis upon which SharePoint Governance is built and ensure organizational alignment of your SharePoint Governance program.

Foundational Activities

Foundational Activities

Foundational activities must be undertaken prior to any SharePoint Governance planning. These foundational activities underly the decision making process and strategy formation that is required to establish SharePoint Governance in your organization.

1. Information Gathering

1. Information Gathering

There are pieces of information which must be acquired prior to the formation of a SharePoint Governance plan. This information helps guide the process and focus our teams on areas of concern. This information gathering will also help guide the communications and change management side of enacting SharePoint Governance.

2. Foundational Information

2. Foundational Information

Foundational Information is crucial for aligning your SharePoint Governance plan with your organizational goals and direction. Gathering foundational information into a Foundational Overview Document will allow all pieces of critical decision making inflection points to be readily available in one location.

3. Guide Strategy

3. Guide Strategy

The guiding strategy portion of Foundational Activities is a series of evaluations to help determine a working framework to guide decisions based on principles, a reference architecture, gap analysis, and technology roadmap.

4. Implementation Planning

4. Implementation Planning

It is during the implementation planning phase that requirements are documented and a business case is developed and approved within the organization.

6 Key Governance Areas

The Optismo SharePoint Governance Model points towards 6 key governance areas: Content, Design & Structure, Development, People & Roles, Security, and Classification. It is through these 6 areas that comprehensive SharePoint Governance is enacted. By leveraging this methodology, organizations have a tried and tested method by which SharePoint Governance can be planned and enacted.


Most consultancies talk about implementing SharePoint. Implementation means much more than just software to us. Culture, Process, and Collaboration deserve equal standing alongside Technology, and without this focus, SharePoint Governance efforts would be doomed to failure. We are here to help you implement at whatever level best meets your organizational capabilities. Whether you need a kickstart or you need to pass the full project to us, our team has the expertise to exceed your expectations.

  • Strategy


    We develop your strategy with your input and your internal team implements the strategy.
  • Coaching


    We help you develop your initial strategy and then help guide the process through an ongoing coaching schedule.
  • Implementing


    We develop the strategy and then execute the strategy on your behalf and with your ongoing input.


Our clients are equipped to monitor their SharePoint Governance programs on an ongoing basis. Some clients want to take that monitoring to the next level with ongoing SharePoint Governance audits. No matter your monitoring needs, Optismo is here to help you establish your ongoing monitoring or help you monitor on an ongoing basis.

We believe that your SharePoint environment deserves to be well governed.